UniTronics PLC's – Can PLC automation craft the perfect latte? Ubermorgen Innovations says Unitronics is the Cream of the Crop

Übermorgen Innovations Gmbh manufactures a new line of milk foaming machines; these machines are a boon to busy baristas, creating up to 200 servings in an hour.  In order to achieve this high-level of output, Übermorgen used a Samba PLC+HMI from Unitronics to automate the process.  This all-in-one PLC made the foam machine effortless to use, while achieving a delicious, hygienic product.

Übermorgen Innovations Gmbh is a German manufacturer that offers products for the food and beverage industry. They strive to bring creative engineering solutions to improve reliability and efficiency for their customers. One of their products is Übermilk, a machine that foams milk for cappuccinos and other coffee drinks.

Übermilk makes life easier for professional caterers and busy baristas; it can create 200 servings of perfectly foamed milk in an hour, or about one portion every 20 seconds. By automating this process, Übermorgen made crafting the perfect cappuccino more efficient and freed up food service professionals to work on other tasks. Übermorgen also implemented semi-automated cleaning cycles, making Übermilk a more hygienic, low maintenance solution.

Übermorgen Innovations needed a cost-effective controller to run Übermilk and an attractive, touchscreen HMI for easy operator interface.  They selected the Samba all-in-one PLC from Unitronics.  The model they selected, SM43-J-TA22, offered a single, compact unit with a full-function PLC, 4.3-inch touchscreen, and onboard I/O including temperature inputs.  Using this PLC, a barista can create perfect milk foam with a single button push.  The controller measures the correct amount of milk and warms it gently to maintain the optimal flavor and texture of the milk.

 The Samba 4.3 Programmable Logic controller+HMI ensure a perfect latte every time, without fluctuations in quality or quantity.  Moreover, the Samba offers a very good look and feel, complementing the sleek, professional appearance of the overall Übermilk machine.  The customer adds that there was “very good support from the distributor and the manufacturer … good support located nearby us is very important to us.”
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