JP Motors
& Drives

Real Service & Value Since 1991

Why Should You Do Business With JP Motors & Drives?

Simple, 2 words, the first one is “Service.” Since 1991 we here at J.P. have prided ourselves on providing service above and beyond the level of excellent. We understand that your time is money and we value your time. Whether you’re an end user broken down with a tight budget or an OEM pushing to get your machine out the door, we’ll get to know you and we’ll work at your pace – Not ours.

The brings us to the second word, “Value.” From the moment we pick up the phone, open your email, or knock on your door, our mind is set on “What’s the best way to solve your problem?” Sometimes it’s time, and sometimes it’s your budget. As “at your service” experts we are pro’s at combining them both into what we like to call “Value.”

As distributors of electrical products and builders of custom electrical panels we are in the unique position of not only knowing and understanding our customer’s wants and needs through the relationships we’ve built, but also our suppliers’ strengths and weaknesses. We are experts at matching our customers’ needs to our suppliers strengths. We know who to contact to best serve you, and know that we have a relationship as strong with them as it is with you. In other words, we efficiently get results on both ends. We think of ourselves as your “partner in problem solving.”

J.P. values your time, your budget, and our mutual relationship. We’ll provide the service that earns the confidence that makes you glad to do business with us.

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